The System of Animal Therapy The Beginning

Neanderthal man was probably the first human being, to acknowledge and understand the link between animals and humans on many levels.

This link, and humans’ awareness of it has steadily developed over the centuries, until the innovation of The System of Animal Therapy in the twentieth century, enabled humankind to take a massive leap forward on this path.

Although our animals today, play a very different part in our lives, not least from a companionship and therapy point of view, the interlink itself goes much, much deeper.

The more we learn about the incredible interlink between animals and humans, the more we marvel at it, and the more we realise how little we really know, and the fun we have in learning!

Rosi Caswell’s System of Animal Therapy came officially into being in 1995. It is a complete in-depth progressive therapy system with the core factor being the Animal/Human Interlink. It works on rebalancing and restructuring Animal/Human lives together, in whichever way is required.

It incorporates Animal communication, Animal psychology, Interlinked Metaphysics, physical, mental, emotional Healing, intuitive and telepathic linking, Animal behaviour training, and much more.

The System of Animal Therapy does not seek to replace allopathic veterinary care, but to interact with it, so that the whole animal, its people and situation are Healed and balanced.

The essential factor in learning this system is to keep a totally open mind, and believe the things that most people do not even know exist!

I have always felt that animals have a right to their own system, rather than being “tagged on” to human systems, (as outlined in Foreword), albeit animals and people are totally interlinked.

Thereby was born The System of Animal Therapy.

The training courses for humans learning this system, are going from strength to strength, and are meeting a real need within the community.

I work also with individual Animal/Human Partnerships, ironing out any problems within these partnerships.

This takes the form of an initial assessment of the animal and its situation, by looking at the animal’s past and current lifestyle, and by “hearing” what the animal is “saying” to me.

When I have a picture of why there are behavioural, physical, emotional or mental problems in certain given areas, I then implement a tailor-made programme for the animal, its human partner, and situation.

After deciding on the number of sessions required, I work intensively with the animal and its human, to change the old behavioural, physical and emotional patterns and structures, and establish new ones.

I cannot stress enough the importance of human co-operation and implementation of this new pattern, between the sessions with me, as it is necessary also for the human to “change space” and be committed to the new structure.

The animal and its “situation”, is placed also on a Distant Healing list, which is sent out daily, thereby balancing the emotional and other aspects of the situation, contained within the rebalancing structure.

Animal restructuring is never ever based in fear, for apart from being morally unacceptable in my view, attempting to stop a situation through fear, is not in fact dealing with the cause, and indeed often worsens the situation.

It makes me very sad, to find that even in this “enlightened” day and age, training and structuring through fear (and not just in the obvious way), still takes place.

The key to successful animal understanding and structuring is to ascertain the cause, and educate the humans!

The Animal/Human Interlink demonstrates the fact of problems not recurring, if the underlying “metaphysical” (beyond the physical) causes are dealt with.

All animals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish etc can receive Animal Therapy.

Animals have no inhibitions, and there are no limitations.

Animals’ re-balancing is always interlinked with the needs and issues of the people around them, i.e. owners, riders, handlers etc; by balancing the animal, the situation around it including the owner’s “problems” will often be automatically dealt with if appropriate, (as part of the package!)

In fact The System of Animal Therapy has provision within the completeness of the system, to cater for humans who wish to have extra therapy for themselves, in addition to the interlink therapy they are sharing with their animal; this is known as “Metaphysical Counselling” or “Self- Help Therapy”.

Self Help Therapy, works by accessing the deepest parts of ourselves wherein our core issues lie, and understanding and dealing with those issues, (the “messages” of which are often brought to us through our ailments; explained further on in the book), to enable us to release their burden, and break the negative patterns within which we have been living.

This of course also helps to speed up the Animal/Human rebalancing programme, due to the extreme human commitment.

The length of time for an animal’s (or human’s) improvement varies, according to the issues surrounding them i.e. the cause of their “imbalance” and the amount of time over which it has been happening. Animals usually respond quickly and dramatically, due to their lack of reservations and inhibitions, which we as humans unfortunately progressively battle with!

The System of Animal Therapy is a balancer on all levels of being, and a preventative of ailments which might otherwise develop, if imbalances were allowed to continue.

The System of Animal Therapy is extremely beneficial in dealing with all mental, physical, and emotional problems, including hyperactivity, nervousness, anxiety, depression, aggression, phobias, neuroses, behavioural problems, allergies, lameness, digestive and joint problems, to name but a few.

Prevention in the form of regular Animal Therapy however, is always better than “cure”.

Anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge and awareness of the Animal/Human Interlink, and further the re-balance of animals on every level can learn The System of Animal Therapy.




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