Crufts 2014

Wow, a great show as ever!

All Dog Lovers/Advocates/Appreciators, whether professional or non professional, whatever your field or discipline, whatever place Dogs hold within your heart, come together as one, at the greatest Dog Show in the world; Crufts holds something for us all.

This year has shown us the some of the most awesome Animal/Human partnerships that abound in the world today, in a huge variety of ways, from Mary Ray, Richard Curtis, and the wonderful Levi performing the superb Dancing  with Dogs Routines, to the energetic controlled frenzy of the Agility Dogs and Handlers, the awesome teamwork of Dogs and Handlers melding as one within the Obedience and Breed groups, culminating in the Grand Finale of Best in Show, with every Dog and Handler tightly MindLinked together to achieve the absolute ultimate in Animal/Human partnerships. The Therapy/Assistance/Companion Dogs who do so much for Humans, completely unconditionally with no thought of gain or reward, as ever, brought tears to my eyes, making me feel so humble against these very special canines.

I could ramble happily on forever with the awesome deeds and relationships that Dogs have afforded Humans since time immemorial, but suffice it to say that we have, through Crufts, seen under one roof, so many many examples of Animal/Human MindLinks and Interlinks, that I feel enormous joy and hope in the knowledge that one day, all Animals and Humans will walk hand in hand; the Human world and the Animal kingdom will be as one, ensuring the world will turn in Universal Peace and Love for all time.

For this vision of what could truly come about, I say a resounding “Thank You” to all Dogs everywhere.

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