My Horse

I gave to you my heart and soul,

The part of me that is my “whole”.

I loved you so, born of respect,

Never having pre-conceived aspect.

You were noble true and oh so bold.

You carried me through both heat and cold.

To not just the climate I refer,

For  when I needed you, there you were.

Humility, beauty, spirit true.

What golden qualities carry you?

And now when it’s time to say goodbye,

The tears are streaming, from both “self” and eye.

Never in this world will I find such a friend,

With loyalties steadfast unto the end.

The debt I owe you, can never be found,

For your truth and light will ever abound.

So I bow to you my Equine friend,

And always to you my love shall send,

For unworthy as I am, my horse,

I am fortunate indeed to run this course.

Alongside you, our footsteps wend,

The Eternal path, life without end.

C7 Rosi and Megan

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