Calico Cat Light Amusement

I walk down the road

And what do I see?

A Calico cat is

 looking at me.

I smile at the cat

So refreshingly free.

I sit down and wait

And she deigns to come see.

I ask why her name

Is the Calico Cat.

She rubs on my knee

And she says “it’s just that”

For the Calico Cat

Is not commonly seen.

Don’t you know why we’re so called?

Just where have you been?

I had to admit I never had heard

Why the Calico Cat was so named.

She flicked up her tail,

Said “don’t be ashamed,

I’ll tell you the story”.

The word on the street

Is uttered in whispers

These cats are elite.

The legends do tell

Of the history true

That the Calico Cat

Carries blood only blue.

For she once did a favour

For the King and the Queen.

When her task was complete

Such reverence was seen.

Honoured in the circles

Of royalty was she

And frequently sat

On the pretty queen’s knee.

But the secret of trust

She will carry to grave

For the Calico Cat

In whose honour was gave.

In awe and in wonder

Regarded was she,

And to this day the Calico

Still sits on “the knee”

So hush little darlings

As the tale will be told

And we’ll all keep the secret

To have and to hold.

So her story she told me,

Then she went on her way

And I never was wiser

To the end of my day.

The tale of the Calico cat

Is oft relayed,

But the secret of such

In the closing is laid.

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