In Their Time

For as long as I can remember, I have always when working with animals, allowed them to develop both mentally and physically in their own time. I never set goals to be achieved within a linear time space; for example, if I was heading in a certain direction, whether that be up the dressage or eventing ladder with a horse, or within the field of obedience and trials competition with a dog, I only ever entered them for  a given event, when they were ready.  I have always been fortunate enough to effortlessly see and hear through an animal’s eyes and ears, so have always been able to go with the flow, and know when an animal was ready for a specific experience, therefore ensuring that all went smoothly, and our goal was achieved in THEIR TIME.

Down the years of course, there have always been those who tried to push their horse or dog towards a given goal within the time span that they had decided upon, but I would always tell them when asked, that if I was to undertake the training of their animal, the goal would be achieved when their horse or dog was ready to achieve it, effortlessly and with no trauma for the animal. Those who chose not to accept this concept were those that I sadly (from the animal’s point of view) advised to find another trainer, for I was not right for the human part of the partnership, and would never compromise the animal. Happily though, people such as these were very few and far between.

If I was to give a word of advice to all who train and work with animals, within any given field, I would say start the journey, and allow your animal to depict the speed and time within which you arrive at the “finishing post” –  IN THEIR TIME, for this is the best way to achieve a lasting result and happy balanced animals.

Simply start by linking your mind to your animal’s mind, and believe what you hear, for it is there to be heard. This will then result in  deeper Animal/Human relationships, than you could ever previously have imagined.

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