Crossing Dog Breeds

I am asked numerous times what my opinion of crossing/mixing breeds of dog together.

When crossing any breed(s) together, it is vital that all the qualities of each breed are taken into consideration, as well as the individual traits of the dogs involved. Sadly there are mixes and crosses where these factors have not been taken into consideration, to the great detriment of the offspring, who very often have health and temperament problems, resulting in painful lives and early deaths.

Those who do not take these factors into the equation, are not working in the dogs’ best interests, and quite patently have other agendas, which are simply unacceptable. These people need to be stopped.

This is not to say however it is wrong to mix breeds, BUT it must be for the betterment of dogs’ lives. Indeed, many good breeds of dog, have evolved from crossing more than one breed together, but always in the best interests of the progeny. Two excellent examples of this, are the Giant Schnauzer and the Labradoodle, both of which are superb all round dogs, not to mention numerous others, who have evolved down the years to become brilliant breeds, completely “fit for purpose”.

Discernment as ever is the key to wisdom!

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