MindLinking And Telepathy

Moving further then, from the awareness of our own intuitive knowledge, let us now apply this to linking our mind with our animal’s mind.

This is not as difficult as it might at first seem. Animals “talk” and communicate with us in many different ways. Sometimes we “hear” what they say by just “feeling” that it is so; other times we may “see” a visual picture in our mind, or even at times actually hear them verbalize their thoughts or feelings.

However, you “hear” your animal, never deny that you have, for in whichever way this occurs, always believe the information which has been imparted to you, for it is there to be heard. Trust your intuition, then the mind-link will go from strength to strength. Mind-linking, in a nutshell therefore, is communicating on a different level, and in a different way, to our commonly accepted way of physical verbal, communication. Building on and with, our “Mind-linking”, leads to telepathic communication with animals, whereby an “Energy” conversation flows at will between ourselves and our animals. The success of telepathic communication depends on many factors. Both Animal and Human must be in the “right space” and on the “right wavelength” to communicate in this fashion, both “transmitting” and “receiving” appropriately, and empathetically. This takes much practice, and is the basis of The System of Animal Therapy, and The Animal/Human Interlink.

From this factor, you can therefore see that a range of problems on any given level can be heard and solved, from physical problems, right through to mental and emotional, which often manifest themselves in the form of extreme behavioural problems and phobias. Until you can “hear” an animal, you cannot have a full understanding of the problem, and therefore no real knowledge and awareness of the metaphysical cause. A very real fact that I always impart to people, as soon within their restructuring programme as possible, is the fact of animals having an “Energy Memory”, and therefore “Energy Memory triggers”. I have never yet met anyone who knew beforehand what this meant, but a small number of clients had an immediate grasp of the meaning and concept of such, and others very soon saw the real implications behind this factor. In brief, the term “Energy Memory” means that by the same token of the first form of communication between beings, taking place in the Energy body, i.e. the mind as opposed to the brain, an animal’s first reaction to a given situation, does therefore of necessity, also take place in the Energy body. The result of this “happening”, is an “Energy flashback” in essence, to an incidence of “yesterday”, which has been triggered by a happening occurring in the present time. The animal therefore reacts in the same way that he would have done at the time the past incidence occurred, which of course causes great consternation to the humans currently involved with the animal, as they assume the reaction is about “today”, when in fact it is of course to do with incidents which occurred “yesterday”. It is essential that the awareness of this factor is very much incorporated within the restructuring programme, and dealt with as it occurs, relaying always to the animal in question, that this “flashback” is in the past, and has no bearing on present or future life. The animal is therefore given the wherewithal to move on and release these old patterns. I usually, if possible, at the initial assessment give the human half of the partnership, a basic awareness of the possible, and probable, occurrence of these episodes, at some time within the ongoing journey with their animal friend. They are therefore prepared and equipped to deal with any such incidents. Humans also, do of course have “Energy Memory triggers”, but they are rarely acknowledged as such, as humans sadly operate primarily on a physical “logical” level, having “moved away” from the utilization of Energy awareness and communication; What often brings a wry smile to my lips is when I hear people commenting to each other, the “fact” of animals having qualities that “we humans” have lost. The wry smile is for the real fact that in all my years of research in the fields within which is contained my extensive work, I have found no evidence that humans ever possessed these qualities! When you have knowledge of the underlying cause of a problem, then a “reprogramming” structure can be set into place. Many times this takes the form of a “life training structure”, incorporating Balance on all levels, through the medium of The Animal/Human Interlink. Again it is about “Healing” the animal and its situation, by giving it the re-balancing structure it requires at that time. “Training” is often part of the new structure, and is not of course exclusive to Horses and Dogs, as many people believe. “Training” is about Balance, integration and co-operation between ourselves and our animals – even cats and other animals can, and need to, live in harmony and on “human terms”, both large and small “wild” animals included, as well as reptiles, birds and fish; in short, any living creature. The method of “Training” is to some extent irrelevant, for it is the principle and ethos of The System of Animal Therapy within a given method which achieves the result of complete Balance.

Something I feel moved to mention here which I do not condone, and which I feel is totally unnecessary, and totally opposing of the communication of minds, is the number of “gadgets” used for “training”, in this day and age. These “gadgets” are for people who feel unable to gain co-operation and integration from their animal, so they take “short cuts” which neither reach the cause of the problem, nor achieve the long term desired result. The uses of these “gadgets” are modern day methods of training through fear on one level or another, however it may be disguised. People who use these methods, perhaps ought to be looking at the reasons that they feel moved to use them, and their fear of communicating with their animal to reach the real problem issues. What is it they need to deal with inside themselves, in order to truly connect and link with their animal?

Occasionally, (though rarely), there will be animals who do not, or will not, link with humans at a given time and space in their lives. There are many reasons for this; acknowledging, understanding, respecting their statement, and accepting their “Space” at that point in time is very much part of The System of Animal Therapy, and The Animal/Human Interlink.

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