Balancing With Your Animal

The starting point to achieving harmony and overall balance, on and to, any level and any degree, between you and your animal, is to link your mind with theirs.

 This is the essential essence of The System of Animal Therapy, and The Animal/Human Interlink and needs to be practiced extensively.

 Here are some self-help points to develop a structure between you and your animal, which will lead to complete Balance and joy, for to link with your animal to the degree where you feel as one, is a rare prize indeed, and is fully attainable with the correct structure, consistency and commitment.

This can be achieved whatever the size, type, or breed, of animal, bird, fish or reptile.


1) Calm your own mind, allowing yourself to link and be receptive to any communication from your animal’s mind; this is equivalent to turning on a computer, before putting in data.

Put into your own being, the Energy state you require from your animal i.e. calm to induce calm, and bounce or joy to induce that same Energy state in your animal; discernment as to the need, being of course the “key”

2) “Listen” to your animal, and never doubt what you “hear”

3) Ascertain the animal’s problem, as far as you are able

4) Decide how you wish to structure your animal’s life style within your own.

5) Clearly impart the structure to your animal, being calm, patient, constructive and by Keeping it Simple.

6) Always praise warmly, liberally and often, making clear that you are praising for what you have asked of your animal, however small an amount of that request he has complied with.

7) Remember, the ethos of the Animal/Human Interlink, and therefore Animal/Human Partnerships, is to ask for the animal’s co-operation, whilst retaining your 51% of the partnership.

8) Remember, many roads lead to Rome; find the correct one (by trial and error) for you and your animal.

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