Earth Mother Wolf

The wolf she keens on hilltop high,

Howling her song to the moon.

The secret that she carries is nigh,

And she needs to share it soon.

But who will listen with good intent,

To the truth that she only knows

Will you or me, with our busy lives spent

Complaining of our woes?

The secret is carried down the years

And is ours to have and hold.

Could we truly hear with our inner ears,

And stride with spirit bold.

Putting ego to one side,

Feeling love so true and gold

Will we lift our faces to the wolf outside

Or leave her in the cold?

The choice is ours; twill ever be nigh

Will we waste the precious hours?

Will we hear the wolf on the hilltop high?

And let her secret be ours.

Or will we turn away and spurn

The knowledge that she brings?

Or will our steps to sunshine turn

And aspire to higher things?

The wolf she keens on the hilltop still…

Forever her secret to share

Whether you turn nor bend your will

She will forever be there.

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