The Universal Balance

Balance is a word which seems particularly pertinent in this day and age, where there is a huge “soul alignment” taking place as we go forward within the new age; i.e. “Who am I? What is my position here? Where do I belong? This applies to our animals also.

As we proceed into the new century, Balance is more important than ever, as our vibrations and growing awareness is increasing in line with the increase of the world’s vibrations.

So what do we mean by the word “Balance”?  Basically it means to be aligned and in tune with the Universe, and in touch with our “Higher Self”, the part linked to the Universe, thereby creating an overall state of harmony and peace on all our levels of being, and enabling us  to take a “middle of the road” non-extreme track in life.

Some examples of Balance are the two opposing and linking forces of Energy within the world and within ourselves, known as Yin and Yang.

Yin being a very soft, quiet, gentle, peaceful, feminine Energy, whilst Yang is a brighter, louder, more energetic, masculine Energy.

Putting the two together, achieves a Balance of Energies complementing each other, to achieve harmony and peace.

Other examples of opposing forces complementing each other to form Balance, are the sensations of heat and cold.

Put together they achieve a Balance of warmth, and therefore harmony.

The colours (sometimes metaphoric), of black and white are another example of the need to achieve Balance.

Many people see given situations as either “Black” or “White”; very extreme connotations with usually no Balance.

If the two are mixed together however, they harmonize to achieve a shade of “grey” forming a Balance of the two.

The term “give and take” is also a prime example of achieving Balance, within for example, a relationship or situation.

It involves “giving” a little and “taking” a little, to achieve Balance within that life relationship or situation.

We can also Balance our diet by eating daily an assortment of Yin foods (i.e. calming, cooler foods) and Yang foods (hotter, spicier foods).

This Balance of course may alter daily or even hourly, as diet works in conjunction with the other factors and needs, which surround us and change as we do.

We can also surround ourselves with Yin or Yang situations according to our daily needs, i.e. our surroundings, the people we meet, the challenges and undertakings we set for ourselves daily, and again this will constantly alter, for the “mixture” we require one day  (or hour or even minute), will not necessarily apply the next.

Life itself is fluid and flexible, and so must we be flexible, adaptable and open minded, and look constantly at our needs, examining what causes imbalances in ourselves and rectifying the situation, even as to whether we keep male or female company on given days (and even which male or female company!),

Again according to our needs, to which we must stay “open” and “receptive” always trusting in, and using our intuition.

Thus, we as humans need a mixture of “positive” and “negative” in our lives to truly go forward in health and harmony (Balance) on all levels, with no extremes either way.

Animals Balance much more easily, smoothly and quickly than humans, as they have no inhibitions in the way, and any issues they have, are either human issues which they are “mirroring”, or issues of their own caused by humans, either in current or past situations.

It pays us therefore to look first at any imbalances in our animals, and equate them with our own, using The Animal/Human Interlink.

Working with The System of Animal Therapy, helps us to do this, and to re-balance very quickly, often without enormous amounts of conscious effort.

Animals teach us such a lot, if we observe and respect them.

Complete Balance and Healing can then take place on all levels in both Animals, Humans and the Universe.


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