To Clone Or Not To Clone

To clone or not to clone is the current question on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s mind and brain.

The first factor which will probably spring to most people’s minds is quite simply “is it ethical?” followed by perhaps repulsion, and the question “why would anyone be in favour of this process?”

The factors we need to take into consideration are the actual facts, and these are as follows

  • An animal (currently in the news are dogs) who is cloned from another animal (dog) will be a physical genetic replica of the animal who is donating its DNA.
  • The physical process of cloning a dog in the laboratory has the same result genetically as one grown naturally in the womb.
  • The cloned dog will not BE the same dog that has been cloned from.
  • The cloned dog will NOT replace the dog who has been cloned from.
  • It is not conclusively known whether the cloned dog will be less or more healthy than a dog conceived and born through the normal process in the womb.
  • The dog who has been cloned will not have the same personality as the dog who has been cloned from.
  • The cloned dog will not, and could never have, the same ENERGY working within the physical body, as the dog who has been cloned from.

Taking all these facts into consideration will help you determine how you feel about cloning and why, so meditate, cogitate, think, or undertake whichever mind and brain process leads you to the answer of how you truly feel, regarding the cloning of animals, AND potentially, in time to come, humans.

Your opinion may surprise you!



4 thoughts on “To Clone Or Not To Clone

  1. I think cloning is just tip of the iceberg in biological engineering and manufacturing. Our futures will depend on our understanding of and full utilisation of our surrounding natural resources. We need to set aside ethics (i live i hope), and embrace a new way of thinking, our survival may one day depend on it. If we able to make steps toward this now, may it be that we step gracefully (but definetly) in to a new era, the biological era!

  2. Agree with you DCas; we do need to allow the awareness of this concept into our lives and understanding, for as you say, one day, our very existence may depend upon it; at the very least it will clarify our thinking, and help us to form our own opinions, and from that, make any decisions that may come our way (and I believe they will).

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