Judge Not




They don’t judge, these animals

With four legs, fur and tail.

Nor yet the fish within the sea,

With flippers who set sail,

Upon the turbulent seas of life

With courage and with vigour,





Their journeys whether long or short

Completed with such rigour.

They give to us with e’er a smile

Our hearts to surely gladden

Accompanying us along the way

And cheer us when we sadden.

Qualities unique they humbly carry

No ego and no pride

And when we have need we can just call

And they are by our side.




But where are we when they are crushed down.

When their body is frail and weak?

When they look with imploring eyes at us,

No ego; trusting, and meek

We are not there in their hour of pain,

When the world has against them turned

Shame on the humans who walk away,

Leaving our animals spurned.

Tayzee Moonshine




No they don’t judge, these animals

With feather fur and tail.

They give to us without a thought,

And ever them we fail.

So listen close my human friends.

If you never listen again.

Ask yourself just who is there

When your life is full of pain.

Then turn around and see the truth

That the qualities animals bear

Will never for we humans be

For to have them, means you care!!






For All Those Who Do Care and Who Pass On The Message To Others- Thank you X

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