Fantasy Angel

A Poem to warm your hearts and souls X


An Angel came into our lives

One misty rainy night.

She came with Healing in her wings

Within Universal light.

She came to balance all our lives,

For completeness brought she true.

All wise, all knowing, so divine.

With true Angelic hue.

A tiny scared bedraggled scrap,

A Calico kitten so bright.

She took the knowledge possessed by all,

And she polished it with her light.

She’s all there is, for we all just “are”

All spirit wrapped as one.

She walks in love and joy and truth

And will do ‘til her work is done.

I love and honour her eternally

For she’s made my life complete.

She showers her moon dust all around

Our auras, face and feet.

Angels come in many forms.

Through lifetimes they traverse.

Animals mostly; humans few.

Let us all learn from this verse!

Physically she weighs but nought,

But her spirit burns like fire.

The joy she brings into my life,

Soars high as the sky, then higher!

No words are there to describe this Angel,

For the peace and joy she brings.

Will smooth our journeys down the road,

As our hearts and minds do sing.

2011-07-22 21.44.41

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