In Perpetual Memoriam

One of many poems in perpetual memoriam of Asia Sunrise (Wigga), whose Energy is  around me always.

A concept we can all relate to.  X






How does life keep turning;

How does the world go round?

When you’re not here to walk and play,

And whiz along the ground.

My heart and soul are full of tears;

My eyes are cast to ground,

For I miss my beautiful Wigga D

Who makes the world go round.

There is no joy and fun in life.

It feels cold and chill and grey,

For the sun withdrew his shining face,

On the day you went away.

I said “No parting”, oh my dog;

“Communication in different ways”,

But I cry and cry for your presence dear,

Knowing not how to live my days.

I’m hoping Balance true I’ll find,

As I stumble through the gloom,

And catch just a fleeting glimpse of you,

To brighten up life’s room.


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