Helping Animals Through Energy Care

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Caring for our own Energies is something most of us pay little heed to, as we assume they take care of themselves.

Not so; it is important to care for our Energies, for that keeps us balanced, strong, and vibrant, on all our levels of being.

It also helps us to be a good channel for helping Animal/Human Partnerships with their rebalancing structures.

The more balanced we are, the clearer channel we are able to be on all levels of our being, enabling us to help others on all levels of theirs.

One of the most obvious ways to keep up our Energy levels, is to meditate and imbibe the Healing Energy, balancing and feeding our Aura, and therefore balancing our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

There are many ways of meditating; no one single method is “correct” – choose the one which is right for you.

A good way to “charge” (energise) and smooth your Aura, is to run your hands gently over it in the morning when you arise.

This ensures that you start the day well, with a vibrant Aura, containing no “gaps”.

Human Aura




This exercise of course, can also be undertaken at other times of day, whenever a need is felt.

To carry out this exercise, stand in a relaxed space, perhaps after a meditation, and run your hands over your complete Aura, approximately 6-12 inches away from your physical body, breathing evenly as you do so.

You will feel more “charged”, balanced and vibrant afterwards.

This exercise can be performed as often as you wish throughout the day, but should always be performed in the morning.

To ensure that our Energy does not inadvertently leak out of our Chakras, which can happen if we are particularly “giving” people, our Chakras can be “covered over”, by “pulling” an imaginary Energy shield up the front of the Chakras, missing the Crown Chakra , which is charged from the Universe, and allowing the Energy shield to fall gracefully down the back of the Chakras, which run through the Energy spine, (the “mirror” of the physical spine), from front to back.

To perform this exercise, stand in a quiet space and visualise yourself pulling this “shield” up from your feet along the contours of your body, to just above your brow Chakra (on the forehead), and “stick” the shield on to your hairline.

Next, missing the Crown Chakra, allow the shield to “fall” down the back of the Chakras.

This Energy shield can be any colour you visualise it; this will be whichever colour you need at the time to rebalance and protect your Energies.

chakras with words




This exercise will have the effect of not allowing your Energy to leak out inadvertently, and not allowing others’ Energies to flood into your Chakras thus causing trauma and exhaustion to yourself.

The exercise can be performed as many times a day as you deem necessary, though always perform this exercise whenever you go into a situation where there are particularly likely to be many energies flowing towards you, i.e.: perhaps when out shopping, or when speaking profoundly with another person, thereby leaving your Chakras open and receptive. You do not have to “physically” implement this action each time it is needed, for you can perform the same action through your mind, by simply visualising yourself doing so; there is no difference in the effectiveness. it can be particularly pertinent to implement mentally when you are in a public place for example, or anywhere it is not easy to perform it physically.

There are other methods of covering one’s Chakras, but this is the simplest and easiest to perform.

If you find yourself in a situation where your Energies are down, and you need a quick boost, i.e., perhaps before you enter into a “crowd” situation in any shape or form, you can create a circuit of Energy and send it round your body – like so

Sit yourself down (on the floor preferably, but not essentially) with all your fingertips joined and the soles of your feet pressed flat together.

Next closing your eyes, breathe in, and visualise Energy coming through the Crown Chakra on the top of your head, down your neck, into your arms, spine and legs, then “see” it circulating and feeding your whole body.

Sit with this exercise until you feel Energised. Cover over when you have completed this exercise, thereby containing the Energy and its effect.

If you feel at any time, (and there are many such instances), that your Energy field (Aura) has been “invaded” by other Energies, it is possible to “cleanse” it.

To undertake this exercise, stand in a quiet space and visualise a ball of Energy above your head.

You may see this as silver, gold, or any given colour in the spectrum.

You will see whichever colour you need to see, for your own rebalancing at a given time.

When this ball of Energy has gathered, see it cascading down, around, and through, your Energy body, clearing and cleansing any negative or unwanted Energy “sticking” to your Aura.

When you feel refreshed, cover your Chakras and move away.

On a daily physical level therefore there is much you can do to keep your Energy levels revitalised and renewed.

Exercising regularly, will keep your Energy supplies replenished, alongside keeping your Aura and Chakras balanced and charged.

Try to avoid placing yourself too often into positions where your Energies will be drained, i.e. by watching emotive or violent films, getting into arguments with others, or into emotive situations in general .

All of these situations will potentially drain your Energies.

If you do find yourself in situations such as these, remember to cover over your Chakras, and cleanse your Aura after leaving this type of situation.

It is important also, to mix whenever you can, with like-minded, positive people, as this will boost your Energies, (providing you cover your Chakras afterwards).

As with all things, a blend of many factors leads to balance.

animal human auras




NB: One’s own Energies will always be enhanced, not depleted by giving Healing, as the Universal Life Force Energy, passes through us first before reaching other beings, whether this be from a contact or Distant Healing basis.

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