Make Not Break Our Horses

“Make” Not “Break” Our Horses

In this “enlightened” day and age, it disturbs and distresses me that so many humans (make that pretty much all), still talk about “Breaking” horses.

One would think that humans would now be more educated and aware of how the flow of all things truly works, but patently in their minds and brains, they still have, even inadvertently, the ingrained thought that horses must be “Broken”.

Horses have worked and fought alongside humans, since time immemorial, laying down their lives for us unconditionally; this is not because they were “Broken” to do so; this is because they gave unconditionally without thought of reward or favour; they never needed to be “Broken”, not then and not now.

The phraseology I use regarding training and incorporating horses into our lives is “Make & Shape” for that is how I work and teach.

It would be brilliant if we could commence making and shaping every horse from foal-hood, but that of course, cannot always be the case, as horses come into our lives at numerous ages and stages; to commence “Making & Shaping” them, we must firstly assess what stage they are at, identifying any issues they hold, and rectify these by means of a tailor made individual structure put in place to balance and progress both horse and human together.

The System of Animal Therapy methods are calm, firm, kind and effective.

If you are reading this, perhaps you would spread the term “Making & Shaping” explaining to appropriate others, that the term “Breaking” is an archaic word and practice, which has no place within the modern structuring of horses (and their humans); once this term is spread further and further afield, people will come to realise that they are in fact using the current, quite frankly appalling, terminology, because they have no other to use; between us we can encourage people to move forward within the ethos of kindness and positivity, dissipating forever the archaic notion of horses needing to be “Broken”.

Many people use the term through habit, with no true thought behind what they are actually saying, (and often not meaning their horses harm), so as we give these humans the opportunity to realise this fact, and embrace a more appropriate term, we will add much more positive energy and understanding into the world of “Making and Shaping” our horses, as we incorporate them into our lives.

Rosi and Megan Turn About


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