Forever True

Forever true

 You will be forever my true friend

Through Universe beyond the pale.

I smile a wry wavering grimace,

As I recall how often throughout your life

I was asked if you were for sale.

“For sale”? I would say, with a smile.

“How can you buy love and loyalty such as this.

Which spans the Universe for Eternity, with no conditions?”

A love that asks nothing; whose privilege I never had to earn,

But for which I owe an Eternal debt.

You have shown me depths I never knew existed.

Humility I have learned at your table of life,

And awe at your acceptance and compliance

Of any given situation in life,

Treating “bad” and “good” circumstances just the same,

For in the greater Universal picture, they are of course no different,

But you dealt with them in the same constructive way.

You have never known the words “ego” or “pride”,

For within the Energy levels where you abide

They do not exist.

You are unique, and I honour you,

And my love and admiration knows no bounds,

And I ask only, that I may one day aspire to your heights of evolution.

My Dog, My Friend.

C1 Roma1


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