Death The Ultimate Healing

What is “Death”?

A title for the transition into the non-physical realms of being.

A rather sweeping statement?

Not at all, for there is no “Death” as we may have previously perceived it.

There is life, after life, after life; (a much documented fact).

Our spirit – the very essence of ourselves never dies – it is Eternal – our animals’ also.

Only the “vehicles” which contain our spirit i.e. our physical bodies change, in accordance with who and what we choose to be in this current lifetime, for whichever lessons we need to learn.

Our animals also, decide with whom they need to be, to generally or specifically help us with our learning processes, but sometimes also, to disperse issue situations that they themselves have worked with on our behalf over many lifetimes.

Sometimes, they are here just to “make up the numbers” in broader perspective situations, i.e. to be “one of the crowd”, for whatever reason deemed necessary.

When it is time for an animal to pass on to other realms, it is in the knowledge that their work here is done, and their balance in this life-span complete, and we hope that our lessons, through them, are learned.

Such development and evolvement we need to acknowledge and continue with, for these animals have dedicated their time and their lives to being with us, and we must honour that fact.

This does not mean we mustn’t grieve; indeed it is right to do so, for we have lived with and loved our animals, who give to us more naturally and unconditionally than any other being in our lives.

So take all the time you need to grieve and sorrow, and also to give thanks for the privilege of the time spent with your animal friend, honouring the space into which they have passed.

Talk to the people you feel you can talk to about this whole process, for not everyone understands, or is even aware of the Animal/Human Interlink and subsequent Animal/Human development and evolution.

There are many people, and other animals, who will help you through this difficult transitional period, and rest assured, your animal friend will still be around in spirit to comfort and guide you.

Just reach out your mind and you will connect with his/her mind.

Sometimes you may even catch a fleeting glimpse of your animal’s Energy body, appearing around you in times of need.

Never fear this factor; accept it with love and thanks, talking to your animal in the same way as when he/she was with you in the physical.

If it is right to do so, your animal pal may return in another physical body, and may very well be with you again in this current life span; there are many documented examples of this situation.

In the meantime, never negate the possibility of taking another animal into your life and your heart.

If it is meant to be, one will come along when you least expect it; wait for that moment in peace, whilst honouring the one who has passed on.

If appropriate, you may find that your animal’s “Energy shape” will appear as teacher and support to a new animal, until he or she has settled into your family pack, gradually appearing less and less as the newcomer “learns the ropes”

Death as an entity is part of the circle of life, for in any one given lifetime, we have many “beginnings” and “endings”, and we learn as we progress, to flow with our life’s pattern and the people and animals within it.

We learn to pass smoothly from one part of life to another, giving thanks for the learning, and moving forward to ultimate peace, towards which we steadily progress, throughout all our lifetimes.

Death is just one of the parts of the circle of life we flow into, as do our animal friends, and this needs to be prepared for as with any other shifts we make in life, in however small a way, or on whichever levels these shifts occur.

Many of the world “religions” i.e. the numerous ways of moving towards complete balance on and through all levels, prepare for the transition into death, as soon as the transition into birth has taken place.

Knowing however that this process is natural and positive, does not mean, as previously noted, that we should not grieve; within the grieving process, is often contained guilt.

There are many reasons for feeling guilt, after a loved one has “passed on”; most are totally unfounded, and are there for us to learn from, understanding that our animal who has passed into other realms, will never bear us any grudge, and when the time is right for us, we release the guilt feelings and move on within our own development in joy, knowing that our beloved animal will be with us always in spirit.

The important factor is to accept your own feelings, whatever they may be, allowing yourself time to feel and process them, for there is no right or wrong in the grieving, or indeed in any process of life.

However we feel, it is right for us to embrace these feelings, and work with, and through them, and in so doing evolve and develop ourselves further, remembering there is no time span for grieving, or indeed for any process leading towards our own self-development and evolution.

The only fact we need to remember and live by, is that all we have to do, is be what, who, and where we are today.

So deal with your grief in the way which is best for you, for we are all different; we must give ourselves permission to be ourselves, and grieve in our own way.

Many of us will carry with us a cherished photograph of our animal, or we may need to talk about him or her, with empathetic listeners (and make sure they are).

Others of us will wish to keep our animal’s body and being, close to us, by perhaps a small plaque in our garden, or an urn of ashes in a special place in our home, as well as in our hearts.

We may even elect to scatter those ashes in a favourite haunt that we shared with our four legged friend, and in time, and this varies greatly, we may choose to pay the highest compliment to our friend now out of sight, but not of mind, and, as previously stated welcome another animal into our lives, giving thanks to the Universe, for yet another opportunity to share our life and learning, with our animal friends.

A very pertinent point to remember in the midst of our own grief, is the consideration of any other animals in our family, for they too need to say goodbye to their friend and companion, however long or short a time they may have been together; they need to be allowed to grieve, whichever form that takes.

An important factor, as soon as possible after the death of the animal in question therefore, is to allow the remaining animal(s) to see the body of their friend.

Reactions to this will be varied, but it is extremely necessary to perform this task if remotely possible, as it promotes acceptance of the transition of the deceased animal

The remaining animal(s) may sniff, lick, or peer at the body, perhaps “making a puddle” after doing so, or merely walking away in acknowledgment and acceptance, to continue with their own journey, as they know they must.

One of the most touching farewells I know of, was that of a horse, who upon being shown the body of his old friend and companion, leaned forward, licked him all over, then gently took his friend’s leg in his mouth, lifting it up as though making his final handshake, as I have no doubt that he was!

He then gently placed his friend’s leg gently back onto the floor, before turning and walking away with the dignity that only he could muster.

A very special horse indeed.





Life is Forever

Death is but a breath on the merry go round, of life, after life, after life.


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