Love Me Love My Dog

 Love me, love my dog.

“Will that be hard”? I ask.

“No” you laughed in merriment.

“‘Twill never be a task”

For loving her is easy.

She has such a ready “wit”

She keeps us laughing constantly,

And doesn’t mind a bit,

When the joke is yet at her expense.

For she loves to play “the ham”

On a daily basis constantly,

She’s very good at “sham”

But then with twinkle in my eye,

When I “sternly” say “old girl,

“You may fool others, but not I” ,

She says it’s worth a whirl..

Pure as gold is my old dog,

Putting humans all to shame.

As honest as the day is long,

She will always take the blame,

For misdeeds undertaken so,

And though it isn’t fair,

Sometimes when they are not hers

She takes anothers share (of blame)

So when I ask you yet again

To love me, love my dog,

I know you’ll turn to me and say,

“Absolutely, the whole hog”!




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