The Universal Animal

Humility, love unconditional, born of the utmost respect

For you and your fellow creatures.

An awesome accolade to creation for your amazing fortitude,






Unselfish loving and giving, your trust and gratitude

For the little we give you, in return for your selfless, egoless love,

Surpassing all expectation, all boundaries, and answering only to the Universal creator.





I salute you one and all; you have fought against adversity,

Accepting never questioning the rightness of the journey,

Undertaken with love, pride, nobility, humility.

Animals - Alpaca - 0001




Life, death, are all one to you on the circles of life.

You set we mere humans a lesson in balance and flow, as you rise

And float gracefully onward, leaving us floundering






In the mire of our own creation.

You are the Masters, we are the students, and I bow to you

Animals of the Universe.

Bella & India 9.6.14






2 thoughts on “The Universal Animal

  1. Ah that is so lovely … especially the bit about the circles of life and death, animals have so much to teach us if we will only listen with our hearts as well as our eyes and ears ❤

  2. Absolutely Jayne, they so do. Just look at the way these two already speak the Language of The Universe. The Mare is four and the child is two. Superb isn’t it ❤

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