Whispers In The Twilight

Ghostly shadows in the moonlight

Walk ye softly bye and bye.

Only to the watchful soul,

Will they ever catch your eye.

They slip by oh so silently,

On hoofs as soft as silk.

Their size and colours range

From chocolate brown to shades of milk.

C7 White Stag



Night time is their playground,

Where they engage in ghostly games,

But when you look, you’ll see them not,

Nor ever know their names,

For they linger not on journey’s path

Where they move soft as a whisper.

You may never see them stop to talk,

Nor even see but a whisker,




Unless they choose to show themselves

To those they love and trust.

A life time privilege so is that,

For they see you are true and just.

Glide onwardly sweet shadows.

Never stop unless you know

That those who wish to see you

Love you more than life’s sweet flow.


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