Fly With The Animals

Here is the doorway to accessing the same levels as those our animals fly in and out of at will. As you undertake this Meditation/Visualisation, think perhaps of an animal who was precious to you, and who now flies the higher levels; think of them and you will meet them as you take this journey. I Would love to hear about your personal experiences and  feelings as you go into those levels, and what “legacy” you bring back with you upon returning once more, to the physical levels.

Before commencing this journey, do ensure you are in a private comfortable peaceful space, either in or out of doors, then fly free!



 Close your eyes. and go deep into your very essence, connecting with your “Higher Self,” and leaving your physical being behind.

Feel yourself floating, higher, and higher, and higher, towards the sky, until you realise you are gently bumping the clouds with your head.

Feel how soft and fluffy they are, brushing your face, as you rise higher again, passing through the clouds, up past the realms of understanding, and into the realms of “All Knowing”.

Choose yourself a cloud, and climb onto it, feeling it wrap itself around you, and cradle you from harm.

Rest there awhile and look around.

See the dazzling colours for which there are no earthly names; see them shimmer and sparkle.

As you rest there on your cloud, coming towards you from out of the mists is a horse; a horse surrounded by pure white light; a horse with wings

It is Pegasus, and he has come to take you on a journey.

He moves softly towards you and stops in front of your cloud, kneeling there, and inviting you to climb onto his back.

You do so, and he gently soars off into the Universe, so smoothly you have no conception of speed.

He soars higher and higher to where the air is as pure as wine, with purple, gold, and blue colours, swirling all around you, and in the distance, their pinnacles disappearing into infinity, are

Misty mountains surrounded by rose coloured mist.

Your happiness is complete by just being there.

You look down, and below you is the whole of the world, and the whole of your life.

It feels totally separate to where you are now at this moment, as you know you are one with the Universe, wholly connected to “source” where you belong.

You feel such joy as you fly along on Pegasus’ back, and you know you have the ultimate answer to life, right here.

All too soon however, it is time to descend from those realms.

Pegasus gently lands back on your cloud, and you softly alight from his back, silently thanking him for this wondrous experience.

He flies noiselessly away, and with a sigh of pure contentment, you step off from your cloud, and slowly, slowly, descend earthward once more.

As you land with a gentle bump, you feel the earth beneath your feet, and know that you are once more on Terra Firma, knowing also that you can at any time, ascend to those realms

Again, just by knowing that is possible.



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