Just You

Never in this whole wide world or Universe beyond

Will I ever meet a dog like you again.

The link we have between us goes far beyond a bond,

And I live in quiet trepidation of the dawning of our pain.

But I daily thank the Lords of the Universe

For the privilege of being your friend




And the learning I take as through life I traverse,

Will onwardly roll, Eternity, no end.

I’ve learnt to daily savour all delights

For in varied dimensions, we take many different roads.

I marvel how little I know, when through you I see the light!

My debts forever boundless, in learning to shed heavy loads.





You show us how to love and truly be, just that.

With fresh wonderment I see you through many altered eyes,

And when I feel my life is oh so sad and flat,

With sheepish mind I look at you and I Eternal rise.

I honour you through lifetimes, many boundless.

I shall always want you near me in each and every life.

Forever is just that, and I’ll roll away all duress,

For I smile as I love you always, at the lifting of all strife.





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