The Equine Debt

There’s nothing in this world this horse does lack,

Save a proud rider on the noblest of backs.

Down the years he has stood,

Through all bad and all good.

He has toiled and fought,

With we humans, for nought

Save our ego and pride.

For this cause he has died

In the battles of life.

Through trouble and strife.

Steadfast he has carried

Us through when we’ve tarried.

Putting humans to shame,

With our physical game.

He’s shown us to rise,

Reach life’s ultimate prize.

To be humble not proud,

To be soft, never loud.

In the final place rest

He has passed the time test,

That of faithfulness true.

His goodness shines through.

Unconditional loyalty,

Born of humility.

Beside this, mere humans, what do we have to give?

Just our love thanks and gratitude, as long as we live.




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