The Woods At Night

Silent as silent are the woods at night

Save for the creatures seemingly out of sight,

But the silence it speaks

Through the Night jar, who seeks





A mate to make skies ring

On softest bronze wing.

For freedom stands he stout and strong

Energising for journey so cold and long,




When leaving British shores o’er such stormy seas.

Triumphing over elements, not stopping for ease.

Then in triumph takes proud stand

Upon warm balmy land,





To rest and regenerate for the path of return

To bright summer climes when seasons do turn.

His call breaks the hush of one moonlit night

And the answer comes quickly, though out of all sight.

2012-06-06 18.38.51




The silence of woods with mating calls ring

As the circles of life turn once more to sing

And rejoice that ever will the Universe turn,

With fresh life ongoing, the world never spurn.

Baby Nightjar 1

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