I Speak For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

Over the last two weeks, it has been brought to my attention that a number of people are seriously abusing horses; there are two families in particular that are “breaking in” foals from the age of a few weeks, and riding and driving them from the age of ten months; there is pictorial and written evidence of this appalling abuse, which is being handed over to the authorities such as World Horse Welfare, The British Horse Society and the RSPCA.

As you can imagine, this behaviour has created uproar within the ranks of horsey people in all walks of life, indeed some of you may have seen evidence of this activity on a good many of the Facebook horse groups.

What people are continuing to do, is approach the above authorities and lodge complaints. Could I please ask any of you who read this blog to do the same, for the more people who complain, the higher profile these abusers will be. They can then be named and shamed repeatedly until they stop their foul behaviour towards these horses, and are punished.

Along with this blog I will post some of the pictures relevant to these cases, so that you too can produce them as evidence.

Thank you all in advance my dear caring Animal Advocate friends. X

There are a mixture of names of the abusers; Jimmy and Frank Smithh (actually is spelt with two hh’s)  who appear to be operating in the Maidstone area, Prince Ali,  who it seems is also in Kent, Donna Hicklin Post code EN8 8YA, Donna Hicklin’s father (not sure of his first name); these are the tip of the iceberg. Examples of this type of abuse can be found on many of the Facebook horse groups such as horse chit chat, horses for sale or loan, horses and tack for sale etc.

This speaks for itself

Yearling filly




This also speaks very loudly for itself

Frank and Jimmy Smithh




Ten months old colt

ten months 1




Ten months old colt

ten months




Yearling filly straining to pull the cart, with her head strapped in an impossible position, causing fear and pain.





This is a yearling in very poor condition

Donna Hicklin EN8 8YA




This blatantly speaks for itself.

Donna Hicklin's Father




I do not as yet know who this is; he was brought to my attention only yesterday.

The latest




One thought on “I Speak For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

  1. This is a total disgrace. How dare they! Do they actually think that normal people will tolerate this!?? Would be useful to share link to these F*****s profile pages!!

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