No Steps

Those of you who know me, will have heard me say time without number, that family is not simply about blood links, but about a group of people however large or small, who are there for each other, any time, any place, anyhow, whenever there is a need to be met.

No one person is “higher”, “lower”, “better” or “worse” than another; we are just different, as we each bring different qualities and abilities to our circle, achieving therefore a complete structure for any to call upon whenever the need arises. This is the only way balance of life works, both individually, and as a whole. If we are in balance with ourselves, we are achieving the balance of “The Whole”

Think only this; on a circle there are no steps, no corners, and no lines; we are therefore all equal within a circle. Animals not only know this; they live it without question.

02-01-14 - 2004

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