The Snowman

He’s disappeared from whence he came

That man of ice and snow.

“I loved him Mummy”, said my child.

“Why did he have to go?”

“There’s a time for all things in this life”,

I told her with a smile.

The seasons hold their own sweet joys,

But only for a while.

The Spring brings life and breath to all.

The Summer brings the corn,

Whilst Autumn changes coloured coat,

And Winter squalls are born.

Beauty there is in the seasons all,

And a purpose beyond compare,

For with Spring abounds life, large and small.

Summer Energies shine so rare,

Whilst Autumn prepares the world for change,

Winter brings snow to cleanse.

The joys you have found in the snowman’s “birth”

Are part of all Nature’s plans,

If you stand in patience through seasons’ roles,

And glory in every hue,

One beautiful day when you least expect,

He will come yet again to you.

C7 snow in forest


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