Training The “Whole Animal”

An Excerpt From The System of Animal Therapy Writings

It would be an interesting survey to acquire many different opinions of the word “training”, for there are numerous different perceptions and conceptions of the meaning of a very simple word, training.

Were we to “read between the lines”, of individual perceptions, we would I think, find that most people, in proffering the asked for opinion, would outline the understanding and implementation of such all in many different ways, as unique as we are ourselves,

The overall general consensus however, would be that “training” is the act of teaching our animals to “obey” us.

Seeking these opinions, could confirm that we need to go back to base, and ascertain at the very core level, the true essence behind the meaning of the word “training”, as the first step to attainment is to define very clearly the meaning of our goal.

Let us now simplify the deeper essence of the term “training”, and having defined it, we can look at its attainment.

Rosi and Megan Turn About



Training is quite simply, putting a structure into our animals’ lives, within which is contained the ethos and essence of how we would like them to live and co-exist, with we humans, and the life we lead.

This structure can vary enormously, according to the life style within which we wish our animals to fit, for we all have individual requirements in our lives, both for ourselves, and for the animals and people who share this space with us.

When we have determined what we do require from our animals, we then put into place the knowledge we wish to impart to them, as part of the whole structure within our joint lives, using the time tested methods of The System of Animal Therapy, using The Animal/Human Interlink.

C1 Shepherd Girl



Training therefore is not merely teaching specific actions and movements requiring “commands” i.e. – sit, come, walk, trot, halt, close etc; this is an important factor, although only part of the “whole” structure we need to impart to our animals;

We are now able to understand then, the fact that “training” as most people perceive it, is only part of the overall life structure that we desire between animals and humans, which totally negates the belief that many people hold, of certain types of animal not being “trainable”.

Now we have a clearer understanding of the real concept of the word training, we can of course accept that any animal, bird, reptile, fish can be “trained” i.e. structured.

Any living being can be taught to co-exist with humans and each other, and it is so easy, now we understand the truth of The Animal/Human Interlink!

Chi & Phanta



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