The Anguish Of Parting

I saw you on some distant shore

In a place so long ago.

I smiled and said “please stay awhile,

For I miss you so”.

I stepped forward, held out my hands

And your face shone out with light.

“I cannot stay” you sadly said

“For I have won the fight”.

I watched your image fade away

With anguish in my heart.

The echoes of your precious voice

Stirred me then, as from the start,

For I knew then as I know now

That although our levels shift

There is no parting anyhow

As through Universe we drift.

To my knees I fell in true despair

For I miss you terribly, oh so much.

I wanted to keep you standing there,

Within my sight and mayhap my touch.

With a shaky smile I arose to my feet

Knowing full that we would never part.

Intertwined we shall ever be.

One Soul and yet one Heart.


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