Side By Side

We walk the city streets and see the lights.





We walk the fields and byways through the nights.


We walk the wooded, hooded places; just me alone with you.




For the link we have, spreads over all, our lives a rosy hue.


Could we all learn from you so much,

C8 Ryan and Dane with Roma and Quest



If we could really see and touch


In Energy, the boundless with no reasons.

C6 Dane and Dogs



The access that I have to all beyond the seasons,


When I link my mind in tune with yours,





And life becomes my daily playground, and never then a chore.


For this is love and balance Eternal.

C6 Ryan, Gypsy Roma Bass




At birth we grow from the inner kernel,


Of the “blueprint” that we bring along

C3 Toni Gypsy and Juno, High Hall



With lessons in life to make us strong.


But you have taught me more alone

C4 Saxon



In such a tiny space, my skills to hone.


We fast track life through multi-coloured hue,

C1 Roma1



And I bow in humility, my head and heart to you.



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