Why We Need Papers For Our Dogs

Numerous times over the years I have been asked the question

” Why do I need papers for my dog?” Here is the short answer.

Why Do I Need Papers For My Dog?

The need for papers is simple. It means that you can track backwards through the pedigree and registration to see what and who is behind your pup. I always ask the question of breeders who breed with unregistered dogs “why if you care about the dogs and the breed are you not breeding responsibly to better the breed, and standing proud in the fact you are doing so?” Numerous dogs are bred indiscriminately and end up with disabilities and early deaths for there is no record of their genetics. Why would anyone think this is ok? There is of course only one answer to this question, and that is greed; the dogs are exploited as expendable entities in order that humans can make money from them. This is abuse causing trauma to both dogs and new owners, as the lovely new pup that they adore ends up dead or disabled. I have seen this more times than I care to remember! This is completely unacceptable; there is no excuse at all. Backyard breeders/puppy farms need shutting down, but they won’t be whilst humans buy cheap pups born to worn out traumatized bitches, who are exploited until they can have no more litters, when they are then discarded like trash; these pups have no papers! Anyone who cares about dogs will pay the price of a pedigree registered healthy pup; it is that simple!
As an addendum, having papers does not necessarily mean you should or could breed your dog, it simply means that you can make an informed decision on whether to do so.

C1 Shepherd Girl

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