The Chatter Cats. What Cats Would like You To Know

There are a number of facts your cat would like you to know about them, as they feel that by knowing the things that are important, and even vital, to their physical, mental and emotional well- being, a stronger Interlink can be formed for the benefit of both felines and humans. Until you have learned to MindLink with your cat, they have asked me to convey this message, so here goes!

Firstly and essentially, cats cannot be vegan, or even vegetarian, unlike other types of animals, such as dogs. They make no apology for this fact, for it simply “just is” Attempting to change this fact, could make a cat seriously ill, or worse, cause their premature demise. Cats cannot, after a very young age (Three –four months old), digest dairy products such as milk and cream, contrary to popular opinion. Feeding your cat dairy products could make them extremely unwell. Likewise giving your cat human medicines such as aspirin, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen can cause internal bleeding and premature death, (again unlike other types of animals). Chocolate deserves a mention here; it is a very simple mention, NEVER GIVE CATS CHOCOLATE, as the Theo bromine content (not unlike strong caffeine), can kill a cat quickly and painfully.

Many people give their cats Catnip in the mistaken belief that they both enjoy it, and that it is good for them. Where this notion came from I shall never know. Imbibing Catnip puts a cat’s whole being into an unnatural state, not of their choosing, and can distress them enormously! After all, would you give your toddler Cannabis? Of course you wouldn’t; the effect is the same! As you are, I am sure, increasingly observing, cats are quite unique within their needs and their behaviour patterns.

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