Karma & Our Animals

Karma (The Law of Cause and Effect)

Many of us may have heard the word Karma, but been unclear as to its true meaning and “reality” I would now like to take the opportunity to clarify this situation.
Karma is quite simply, the direct result of previous actions, either in this current life, or in previous lives. (As ye sow, so shall ye reap) What it is not, is “retribution” for past deeds.
We all have issues to work on and through in this life, to enable us to become “whole” Balanced people on all levels. To do so, we are constantly changing and looking at our lives, to enable us to get back into line, both with our true self, and within “conscious knowledge”.
One could liken our multitude of lives to a gem stone, whereby we “polish” (i.e. develop and Balance) different facets of this gem in each given lifetime.
We come into each new life, with a “blueprint”, which is a basic pattern of this life span, incorporating all the facets we have chosen to work on, but within this pattern, there is always free will and choice. Healing (Universal Life Force) assists us greatly with our Karma, helping us to Balance our Energies on all levels, and work towards our goals.
The Karma we have created in previous lives, affects the “blueprint” we bring with us in this lifetime i.e. if we have been very arrogant in the past, we may perhaps choose to come back in a humble capacity to Balance our awareness of position.
Karma is therefore born of choices, for example regarding the people we will share our lives with during this current lifetime, i.e. our birth family, friends, teachers, acquaintances etc; these choices having been made on different (higher) levels of existence, before we came back into our next physical lifetime. The people and animals, who live and co-exist with us within each lifetime, are those who have been with us before, and will undoubtedly be again, albeit in a different capacity in relation to ourselves. This nucleus of beings, are inextricably interlinked to us and our ongoing life journeys.
We create Karma also, in a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, situation, whereby our actions five minutes, two hours, or three months ago, affects what happens in the immediate future, i.e. the “Knock on” effect, making Karma not merely a past life reflection, but a current situation. Animals are involved in human Karma, both in our past lives, and in the current one, either through the direct Animal/Human Interlink, or on a more general Universal Animal/Human Interlink basis, in as much as the position the animal holds, either in a close (i.e. family) situation or in a more general situation, means that often he or she may be the catalyst for the lessons we need to learn. This is only ever positive, whichever form it takes. Look at your animal and see the “mirror” of your own issues, and therefore your life lessons.

Use this knowledge and awareness constructively, for “The Highest Purpose”, and for the benefit of all. Our interlink and therefore our “mirroring” situations, commence at soul level; our Karmic journey and pattern, is therefore inextricably interlinked with our animal friends and partners. There is no judgment in Karma, merely opportunities to learn.
The Animal/Human Interlink affords us a unique opportunity to do so, and for this, we are humbly grateful.

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