We Went To The Steam Fair

We all went to Dorset steam fair
In the year 2001.
The 33rd year of this wonderful fair,
And we loved it all and one.
The atmosphere and the energy
The smell and the feel and the noise.
The feeling of oneness and synergy.
All of us felt it, ourselves and our boys.
Seven of us went to the steam fair,
To participate, laugh and play.
Many things we saw there,
Although we went just for the day.
The fair for all of our boys was the best.
Something for one and all.
A very important fact, (I don’t jest),
For our boys ranged from tall to so small.
Army trucks and steamers.
Engines of all size and type.
Vintage cars sporting streamers,
And motorbikes there for the hype.
Gypsy vans I remember so swell,
For I’m sure I have been here before.
Though not in this time, I remember it well.
I know I have walked “through this door”.
The thing I shall always recall,
Though I live ‘til I’m two score and three,
Was the wonderful feeling felt by us all.
That of complete unity.
Though each and everyone of us
Was there for their very own trip.
Whether travelling by cycle, by car, or by bus,
We all came together without e’er a slip.
You may feel quite puzzled
At this ditty I write.
You may ponder and wonder
If all is quite right.
My perspective you see, may be different, quite odd.
But my friends, after all, I am but a dog!

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