Government Cat Cull For Britain?

It is rare that I am at a loss for words, but this is one time I feel I can be forgiven, in the light of the current media headlines!
I have known for numerous years that disease can be transferred from animals to humans, (Known as Zoonotic diseases), even though the illness may take a different form within animals to that within humans.
Some of the examples of this are the transference of Canine Distemper to humans from dogs, often (though not always) causing Paget’s  disease, as well as presenting with the classic symptoms normally associated with Distemper; likewise the skin condition Ringworm is transferred between animals and humans, taking the same form in both humans and animals, as indeed do various types of Influenza, Scabies, Rabies, Anthrax,, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease (contracted through deer ticks) and other diseases including MRSA
The allegation of cats transferring Bovine Tuberculosis to humans, allegedly contracted by the cats from the badger population, is nothing short of scaremongering.
Bear in mind the title BOVINE; There is categorically no scientific proof that the badgers pass said disease to cattle; if they did it would not be named BOVINE, but would be a completely different strain altogether. A huge common consensus of opinion, including my own and that of numerous scientists is the fact of the cattle transmitting BOVINE tuberculosis to the badgers, by the fact of badgers “foraging” in the pasture and the cow pats, in order to extract various slugs and insects to consume, thereby contracting the disease. The truth therefore would seem to be that BOVINE tuberculosis is passed from the cows to the badgers, and potentially from the badgers to any given cats who frequent the same places as they do.
The answer is disarmingly simple; vaccinate the cows against TB, (as was the case years ago), and there will be no disease for the poor maligned badgers to pick up, and potentially pass on to cats, foxes, dogs, deer, hares, rabbits, or indeed any other animal who may unwittingly become infected through the blatant neglect of the Government in preventing this disease at source; (The cows!)
After the appalling debacle of the recent badger cull, which was nothing more than abject pain and cruelty perpetrated upon those who had done no harm, the government door seems to be open to killing rather than preventing, so will it be the cats next, or the dogs, the deer, the foxes, the rabbits, or any other species that the Government in its indolence and ignorance may choose to persecute, torture and kill, with no justification whatsoever? Where would THAT path end? It simply does not bear thinking about, so before this Government attempts a cull of our beloved, innocent, family pets and companions, we must put a stop to their behaviour; we must “nip this in the bud” so effectively, it will never bloom again! The Government must be taken to task, and be forced to show absolute proof that any other animal except the cow, firstly manifests, and then transmits this disease to other animals and humans. The madness must stop now!

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