Eat Horses Says Anne!

Is this “Royal” a complete uncaring fool? Absolutely, for she is not just denigrating badgers, she is now beginning on the horses; those she purports to love! I wonder how her daughter Zara feels about this; we don’t know, as we have heard nothing from her. An extremely successful rider, with the inherited talents of her father Mark Phillips, I would think she is horrified at her mother’s cavalier and damning attitude, towards the creature who has fought alongside humans for centuries, and has died unconditionally and willingly for us, and does so still, today.

Anne is Patron of World Horse Welfare

I QUOTE – Discussing horses, Princess Anne said there were too many in Britain – thousands of which were neglected.

“An awful lot of the abandonments are because they don’t perceive there to be any value in the animals,” she told Countryfile’s Tom Heap. “So, ‘okay – chuck them out, they’ll survive or they’ll die’.

“But the meat trade adds value to the animal, so there is some point in keeping it healthy if it’s got an end point that it can go to.”

Asked if she had eaten horse herself, the princess replied: “Oh, certainly.”

She added that it was “very good, actually”

As Anne made this statement to Tom Heap, a chestnut rescue mare named Annie, who was on Anne’s yard, spun her head round  quickly, with widened disbelieving eyes, before sojourning hurriedly to her stable. As I always say “It is never a question of whether animals can speak, but whether humans can hear them” Both Anne and Tom as well as, I am sure, countless television viewers, heard Annie horse both loud and clear!

I QUOTE – Mark Jones, veterinarian and executive director of the animal protection campaign the Humane Society International UK, said: the princess should be better informed before making public statements on such controversial and divisive issues, and questioned her views on horse meat.

“Princess Anne’s passion for horse riding is not in doubt, but she’s simply wrong when it comes to horse meat, and as a vet I would urge her to think again. Horse neglect and abandonment continue to be an issue throughout Europe and in countries exporting horse meat to the EU, even though sending a horse to slaughter is already an option.”

Princess Anne



The answer to Horses being “chucked out” is simple; pass laws tightening up the breeding of horses, for there will then be no horses for “chucking out”; they will be purpose bred with no excess!

Zara Phillips



I QUOTE – Peta, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, offered to send the princess on one of its eight-hour courses on empathy and animal protection.

Its managing director, Ingrid Newkirk, said: “Peta’s course teaches the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated. Those who have everything in life should not be calling for the death of horses and badgers, whose only crime is to be born into a world where humans are in charge and other animals are viewed by some as replaceable.”

This is what they did, and still do for you Anne, and you condone their abuse as you eat them!

The Horse

Where in this wide world, can man find nobility without pride

Friendship without greed, or beauty without envy

Here, where grace is laced with muscle and strength

By gentleness confined, he serves without servility

He has fought without enmity

There is nothing so quick, nothing so powerful

Nothing less violent, nothing more patient

England’s past has been borne on his back

All our history is in his industry

We are his heirs. He is our inheritance





Thanks and tributes to Ronald Duncan and the awesome Sir Mike Ansell

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