He walks and stalks at night with stealth,

When the air is quiet and still.

Who is this shadowy wraith “himself”

Who epitomises one’s free will?

Animals - Cats - 0061



He’s soft and cuddly during sunlight and showers

As he sleeps away the day,

But come the blanket darkness hours,

And he’s out hunting prey.

His senses sharp as razors

His silent body creeps.

His claws are lethal as razors,

Animals - Cats - 0066




As he slinks ‘tween cows and sheep.

To reach his destination

Of survival pure and plain.

It’s instinct not temptation,

When another life is slain.

So who is this phantom being

With mysterious eyes so green.

Who seemingly moves at random,

He often is not seen.

He is the one and only

The cat of history books.

Walking alone not lonely

However formed his looks.

Animals - Cats - 0069



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