Animal Grief

The primary factor when one animal loses his friend/companion, is to ascertain that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their beloved friend has passed on to higher Energy levels. If they are not present at the demise, it is imperative they are shown the body afterwards, for doing so allows them to be involved, and know the truth. Only when they are fully aware of where their friend has gone, can they say their goodbyes, and start their grieving process, which is not as severe or prolonged, than if their friend suddenly disappears without trace or knowledge. Animals say their goodbyes in numerous different ways. One of the most common, is to sniff the body of their departed friend, and “make a puddle”, in effect, linking their own Energy with their friend’s Energy for the last time on the physical level. Sometimes they will lie next to the body for a short, or even a fairly long period of time, and some will even pick up one of their friend’s limbs in their mouth, just to say “Au Revoir, see you in the Energy”, for the Energy link of course, never dies.

The most touching situation I have ever known, was that of a horse, whose long-time friend and companion passed away on the yard where they had lived together for a good number of years; when he saw his old pal on the floor, he walked over to him, sniffed him, and lifted one of his friend’s forelegs in his mouth, shook it, placed it gently back onto his friend’s body, and walked away in the sure and certain knowledge that although they were no longer together in the physical, they would always communicate in the Energy. This gentleman of a horse lived a contented and peaceful life until his own demise just two years later. I know he was re-united with his old chum for sure, for he told me he never had any doubts that they would be. What a horse indeed; I honour him to this day and beyond.

You will find the remaining animal will frequently thereafter, lift his head as he sees, smells or hears his friend in the Energy levels. (sight, smell and sound is as loud and clear on these higher levels as it is in the physical). The knowledge and awareness of this factor is very gratifying, both for the peace and joy it brings our animals, but also for the fact that as humans we can learn from the animals, that we too can link to the Energies of friends, (animal or human), who have left this physical earth plain and are residing within the higher Energy levels. Animals are very much our teachers, and as I always say, “It is never a question of whether animals speak, but rather that of whether humans can hear them!” There are no communication barriers between levels of being, save those of our own making.


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